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Oct 28, 2013 5:00am PDT
and germany. the documents were leased by former contractor edward snowden. >> i think the revelations from snowden and secreted that have been revealed are doing significant damage to our bilateral relationships. >> i think the president should stop apologizing. i think the nsa has saved thousands of lives throughout germany and europe. >> this started in 2002 and they say president obama was aware of it. the nsa is denying the president new anything. >>> today workers will start a voting period. members of the employees change the salary last month that affects their health coverage. the union says the uc is trying to intimidate it's workers. >>> saul is off but tara is here and you will spend a lot of time talking about the winds for this morning's commute. >> can you hear it how welling houlg last night? let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge where it's foggy. the earlier wind advisory here was canceled and no problems at the bridge. the bay bridge, is difficult. be careful on the golden bridge and it's also quite windy. you see we are doing a pan of the city. i
Nov 4, 2013 5:00am PST
provided. >>> edward snowden wants the united states to drop charges against him. snowden has been charged with federal crimes for leaking classified u.s. documents. he released a letter to persuade u.s. authorities to let him off the hook. snowden says he wants to testify before congress about the nsa's surveillance programs. california senator dianne feinstein says he already had that chance. >> he had an opportunity if what he was was a whistle blower to pick up the phone and call the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence committee and say look, i have information you ought to see. that didn't happen. >> the documents edward snowden released about the surveillance programs around the world have angered some u.s. allies. >>> barts board of directors is expected to hold a special meeting in the next two weeks to vote on a new deal. the contract agreement will keep bart trains running for at least the next four years. the unions voted on friday to approve the deal. the board is now expected to ratify the contract at its next meeting. it calls for a pay increase of 1
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2